IVR Services and Consulting

Our IVR Design approach begins with an in-depth investigation of IVR application requirements and identification of aspects that may be automated, to mention a few, all while taking into account efficiency, meeting objectives, and minimizing average handling times (AHT). Throughout our methods, we examine why it is critical to prioritize the customers' preferences, expectations, and experiences at every stage of the design process.

Business requirement document

Identification and development of particular use case scenarios and their corresponding functional requirements through which overall IVR application development and redesign expenses are greatly reduced. Additionally, these use case scenarios contribute to an IVR system's operational savings and return on investment.

Technical Call Flow Documents

We provide sophisticated yet refined call flows to seamlessly guide callers, promoting self engagement, automating workflows and allowing organizations to manage their call center’s support system more efficiently.

Test Case Documentation

Conducting rigorous Functional, Load and Regression testing of the IVR system to produce a robust IVR system and to ensure its competitive performance.

VUI Design Documentation

Our VUI designers develop the entire conversation between the system and the end-users, from the beginning to the conclusion of the conversation. To produce a good conversational flow, Our Team designs the thinking approach, with voice design methodologies applied on top of it. VUI design Documentation is something that our designers are specialists at, from understanding, defining, delivering, and publishing skills in the VUI design environment.