Custom Integration

Integrating a dynamic NLU based experience into your omni-channel infrastructure enables for your customers to get the most appropriate and customized responses in real-time. A CRM by its side allows for indepth insight into workforce performance and customer interactions.

Transcription and Synthesis

Our integrations have the capability to transcode and transcribe various audio formats in real time. In turn, the only thing the user experiences is an uninterrupted and seamless experience leveraging the full breadth of the virtual agent capabilities.

Built for Extensibility

Our integrations support rich content and other various media types, enabling for a much more interactive user experience. In addition to that our framework for defining an extensible middleware can you help you assist in going from requirement to go live in no time, minimizing the impact of any market unavailability or inflexible release timings.


The integration systems are hosted on secure cloud providers such as the Azure Cloud, AWS or GCP, that enable maximum uptime without interruptions contained in high layers of security to keep sensitive information away from potential malicious attacks. Or you could it host it on your own Cloud environment.