Talk your language with AI-powered ConnectLingua


AI-powered ConnectLingua revolutionizes voice channel communication by providing live translation, enabling call center representatives to converse effortlessly with anyone, regardless of language differences.

AI-powered Live Voice Translation

ConnectLingua equips businesses with live voice call translation capability for both your Agents and Customers, all powered by AI, ensuring a seamless and personalized conversational experience.

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Geographically Aligned Proximity Deployment

ConnectLingua can be effortlessly deployed to diverse edge locations and regions, aligning with the geographical footprint of your data center or contact center, ensuring that your communication processes operate at their peak. This strategic proximity enhances system communication efficiencies. The result is a seamless deployment that not only aligns with your business needs but also elevates your customer service capabilities.

Adaptive Scalability

ConnectLingua's dynamic scalability empowers your communication infrastructure to effortlessly handle surges in traffic volume enabling for consistent high performance. Designed for resilience, ConnectLingua is elastic, allowing it to flex and expand with ease in response to evolving needs.

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Translation Accuracy

Experience unparalleled accuracy with ConnectLingua. Our advanced technology provides precise and reliable translations, ensuring that communication is clear and effective.

User-focused interface

With features like Quick Replies, make the agent experience seamless allowing them to efficiently handle contacts setting new KPI benchmarks.

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ROI-Oriented Talent Optimization

Language barriers become a thing of the past as ConnectLingua empowers your team to provide top-notch service to a diverse customer base. Prioritize skills over language requirements and eliminate the need for hiring language-specific resources to maximize your ROI.

Multi-Language Support

Empower your agents with 65+ languages to communicate with customers worldwide using ConnectLingua.

ConnectLingua offers language support for:

Arabic (Ar) -
Bangla (Bn) -
Bulgarian (Bg) -
Czech (Cs) -
Danish (Da) -
Dutch (Nl) -
English (En) -
Finnish (Fi) -
French (Fr) -
French (Fr-ca) -
German (De) -
Hindi (Hi) -
Indonesian (Id) -
Italian (It) -
Japanese (Ja) -
Kannada (Kn) -
Khmer (Km) -
Korean (Ko) -
Malayalam (Ml) -
Marathi (Mr) -
Polish (Pl) -
Portuguese (Pt-br) -
Portuguese (Pt-pt) -
Romanian (Ro) -
Russian (Ru) -
Spanish (Es) -
Swedish (Sv) -
Tamil (Ta) -
Telugu (Te) -
Thai (Th) -
Turkish (Tr) -
Ukrainian (Uk) -
Vietnamese (Vi) -
more coming soon...

We are actively working on integrating numerous new languages to meet your customer's expectations of a global contact center.

ConnectLingua is transforming the way businesses and their customers communicate across language barriers. With near live voice call translation, your agents can now engage in seamless conversations without the need for separate language translators. Experience the power of accurate translations, with exceptional accuracy.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures reliable translations, enabling you to communicate with confidence and clarity. Discover a new level of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency with our AI-powered ConnectLingua. ConnectLingua is available on the NICE CXOne platform.

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ConnectLingua | Demo Video

Schedule a Demo

Ready to witness the ConnectLingua's transformative capabilities?

Schedule a personalized demo and discover how our voice call translation utility can revolutionize your communication across language barriers. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through a hands-on demonstration, showcasing the seamless integration, exceptional accuracy, and user-friendly interface of our product.

During the demo, you'll have the opportunity to:

Experience the live translation feature in action as we simulate voice calls across different languages, showcasing the accuracy and speed of our utility.

Discover the comprehensive features and functionalities of ConnectLingua, including multi-language support, intuitive interface and high accuracy translation.

Share your unique requirements and use cases with our team. We will tailor the demo to address your specific business needs and answer any questions you may have.

Learn about the various integration options available and how ConnectLingua can seamlessly integrate with the NICE CXOne platform. We are actively working on adding other telefony platforms to meet your customer's expectations of a global contact center.